A Field Guide to American Houses | Virtual Livestream Via Zoom


This 3.5-hour course will discuss the common architectural styles of homes throughout the US. Students will be able to identify the architectural styles and time period. Many buyers and sellers don’t realize that history helps to sell their home. Appraisers will explore the actual style and construction of American homes, beyond the “does it fit in the box?” descriptions for Fannie Mae, and be able to clearly define the architectural styles and features of a house.


February 16; 9:00am-12:30pm


Zoom Webinar


$55.00 (or FREE with the Appraisal Renewal Package)


3.5 hours PA 21-23 Appraisal license renewal (Elective)

3.5 hours PA 22-24 Real Estate License Renewal (Elective)


Melanie McLane


To register for the Appraisal Package, please email Michelle Leister directly via mleister@tcsr.realtor.

If you are interested in registering for the indivdual course (once logged in, click “Events” then “Upcoming Classes”) or call the Association of REALTORS® School at 610-560-4900.