How Technology Can Ruin Your Business | Association of REALTORS® School, Malvern


Objectives/Direct Learning Objectives:

-Describe how viruses and malware can infect your computer and mobile devices
-Identify techniques to encrypt your data to avoid getting viruses and malware
-Relate the importance of having a strong password policy
-Define encryption and explain its important role in securing your data
-Cite state & federal laws relating to technology that affect your job as a REALTOR® and your interactions with consumers
-Identify what Social Engineering is & how it works
-Identify what Phishing Scam is & how it works
-Identify what Wire Transfer Fraud is and how it works
-Relate how negative information online can affect your business.
-List the steps needed to manage Your Online Reputation
-Identify the differences, strengths, and weaknesses between Digital & Electronic Signatures
-Identify the National Association of REALTORS® technology policies and how they impact your business
-Cite how state & federal laws affect your ability to Advertising & Marketing your business
-List the steps required to ensure your Website is legally compliant
-State the terms and dangers of copyright infringement
-Identify safe media sources to avoid copyright infringement
-Assess the impact and importance of using proper online etiquette and how to handle online conflicts
-Leverage tools and techniques to keep you and your technology devices safe
-List steps required to ensure your Technology and Personal Safety
-Define the steps you would take if you get hacked or are the victim of a digital crime
-Define what Cyber Liability Insurance is and assess if you need it.


April 7th; 9:00am-12:30pm


Association of REALTORS® School
1 Country View Road, Suite 101
Malvern, PA  19355




3.5 hours PA 20-22 Real Estate license renewal
3 hours PA Substantive Legal Education credits


Craig Grant, RETI, CEO


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