Tri-County Suburban Webinar: Hate Speech, Epithets, and Slurs…Oh, My!


Recent changes to the NAR ethics rules have expanded the anti-discrimination provisions of the Code of Ethics. The use of “harassing speech, hate speech, epithets or slurs” based on a protected class is now more explicitly prohibited, and enforcement can extend to things you do outside of real estate-related activities.

Why did NAR make these changes? What is (and isn’t) different now? How will enforcement work? Join us for a session with Hank Lerner, Esq., PAR’s General Counsel and a member of the NAR Professional Standards Committee, for the answers to these questions and many more.


April 22nd; 10:00am – 11:15am


Virtual Meeting – Connect Remotely from Home or the Office


Free for Tri-County Suburban REALTORS® members


Hank Lerner, Esq., PAR General Counsel and member of NAR’s Professional Standards Committee


ValueGuard – Kay Pugh


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