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Kenneth Enochs, Jr.

Compass Real Estate, Ardmore

24 Years Active in Real Estate

Please expand on your previous leadership experience




What role do you hope to play on the Board?

I hope to continue to serve on our board one more 2-year term as a director to offer consistency and continuity, as well as prior understanding and knowledge of previous board decisions and initiatives. I would be honored to represent Tri-county by serving an additional term as a director in 2023 and 2024. Thank you for your consideration.

What Association benefits and/or offerings have provided you the most value in your business?

I feel the greatest board benefit is the Association of REALTORS® School as it encourages member engagement and increases professionalism which is strategically important to the future development and growth of our association. Education is critical to any organization’s success and it’s non-dues revenue also profoundly impact our association’s ability to maintain all our other member benefits as well as keep our annual member dues low. DocuSign is probably the most widely utilized member benefit by our members so that is extremally valuable to our members from all perspectives. Lastly, I have to say I have become a huge fan of Forewarn. I use it constantly now as both a safety and a prospecting tool. We need to raise member awareness of this tremendous app and member benefit.

What industry trends do you feel will affect our association in the upcoming years?

I believe our industry is going to have to continue to adapt from the pressure of technology (fintech, alternative nontraditional real estate platforms, etc.) creating pressure on REALTOR® members’ commission income, lack of inventory, increased cost of homeownership and cost of maintenance, as well as changing regulations and / or government oversight. We will see things like blockchain technology change how we transact. It will be exciting and challenging at the same time. At the end of the day, I am still extremely confident on a higher level of professionalism, knowledge and service to help consumers purchase and sell the majority of real estate. We may continue to find with the increased costs and a persistent lack of inventory, that consumers are not going to be able to move as much as they traditionally have in the past. We should continue to strive to promote homeownership for all.

What do you think should be the priority issues being addressed by the Association today?

I think the priority issues that need to be addressed by the association are:

  1. Anticipating the change in overall membership numbers due to the market cycle as well as a significant change in the percentage of new and seasoned members. We often just look at the number of years in the business and number of transactions with no regard to age or other key demographic data. We often statistically assume a certain % will drop off based on a historical data. I think we should have our antenna up. With the great job transfer and intense pressure on income, many folks being forced to work multiple jobs, I think we should anticipate a potential sea change. I hope I am completely incorrect on my intuition but I feel compelled to state it since we are a member-driven association. How can we expand? Where are the opportunities to grow? How can we continue to better serve all our members individually and collectively?
  2. We should continue to focus on Diversity, Equality and Inclusion and implementing tangible and achievable goals.
  3. We should continue to focus and encourage member engagement in their local communities from volunteer opportunities like Habitat for Humanity to volunteer positions at local municipalities. We need to strive to help all our members become the neighbors, advocates and professionals that we know they are and can be.

Why are you interested in serving on the Board of Directors?

I would also like to continue to leverage my current involvement and leadership position(s) at the state and national levels to represent our local members as well. As a current PAR and NAR Director, I understand the rationale and position behind many of the recent PAR and NAR policy and by-law changes that have happened over the last several years. It is critical that we have informed directors who are able to be objective in representing all our members. There are many more challenges and changes ahead that will need to be addressed that are critical to the future of our industry and will undoubtedly impact our members.