Ken Enochs, GREEN

United Real Estate-Philadelphia, Wayne

17 Years Active in Real Estate


What was your career prior to real estate, if applicable?

I worked for a national relocation company.  We represented many corporate clients like DuPont, Merck, Bristol Myers Squibb, Rhone Poulenc, and Rhodia.

What type of leadership roles have you held outside of real estate? 

I was Vice President of Operations at Inspection Management Relocation Services.

As a voice for your colleagues, what strengths/insights will you bring to the Board discussions?

I will bring courage, a positive attitude, and unbridled enthusiasm.  The courage to lead.  The positive outlook to manage and engage the challenges.  The enthusiasm to encourage participation and obtain our goals.

What issues do you feel the Association should be addressing?

I think the Association is doing a great job overall!  We need to continue to share the abundant resources that we have like the SRA (Suburban REALTORS® Alliance) Website, Real Estate School, as well as all of the Physical/Virtual Training Sessions that are offered.  When you combine the litigious educated society that we live in today with the high expectations of the consumer, we need to better support and train our members so that they can not only manage the transaction, but also the expectations of the consumers.  This is the biggest challenge today that I see. While the internet and technology has made the transaction and process more efficient and transparent, this has placed enormous pressure on the REALTORS® and their commissions. We need to continue to reinforce and strengthen our value proposition as professionals.

Why are you interested in serving as a member of the Board of Directors?  

I want to be able to listen directly to the thoughts and concerns of our members and be able to share my knowledge and experience to better serve them.