zipVault® by Lone Wolf is integrated with your Lone Wolf Transactions (zipForm® Edition) account and streamlines the management of your transaction documents. zipVault® allows you to upload all the documents of a transaction and store them together with the contracts already available in Lone Wolf Transactions (zipForm® Edition)

Accessing zipVault® by Lone Wolf

Once logged in to your Lone Wolf Transactions (zipForm® Edition) account, zipVault® by Lone Wolf is automatically available for use.

Training Materials/Resources


Do you have questions or problems about how to access the service or issues when you are logged in, please call Lone Wolf Transactions (zipForm® Edition) customer support at 586-840-0140. Lone Wolf support is available 24 hours Monday through Friday; and limited hours from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm EST weekends and holidays. Once connected to their phone support, follow the menu items provided for support on the specific product. You can also contact support online at


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