By joining Tri-County Suburban REALTORS®, you are provided cutting edge services and value to help you succeed in your real estate career. Primary REALTOR® membership also means that you belong to the Pennsylvania Association of REALTORS® and the National Association of REALTORS®. The three memberships combine to enhance your business and most importantly, your client’s needs!

Requirements for Becoming a REALTOR®

Prior to accessing and completing the application for membership, please keep in mind the following requirements:

  1. You must have an active Real Estate License and and may be asked to present a copy of that license along with your application.
  2. The Designated REALTOR® of the office must belong to Tri-County Suburban REALTORS®. If the Designated REALTOR® does not belong, you would either need for him/her to join the organization or you must consider joining the local organization to which he/she already belongs.

REALTOR® Membership Applications

REALTOR® Membership Application

Complete this application if you are:

Designated REALTOR® Membership Application

Complete this application if you are the broker of record, associate broker, proprietor or principal for a real estate company and will be the responsible member for your company AND if you are:

NOTE: A Designated REALTOR® is required to establish an office in Tri-County Suburban REALTORS® membership.

If you have questions regarding membership or the application process, please contact Tina Lavelle at or call 610-560-4800.