Vince Range

RE/MAX Town & Country

14 Years Active in Real Estate

What was your career prior to real estate, if applicable?

Upon earning a Bachelor of Science in Health Education/Athletic Training, I became a Certified Athletic Trainer and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist.  I’ve also spent time in Sports Therapy.

What type of leadership roles have you held outside of real estate? 

During my career as a trainer, I’ve served as the Lead Athletic Trainer for Athleticare of Lower Bucks Hospital, President of the Hudson Valley Athletic Trainers Association and Director of Fitness at the Newtown Athletic Club.  More recently, I’ve served as a Board of Director of the West Chester Playschool and Cubmaster for Pack 110, Hillsdale Elementary School.

As a voice for your colleagues, what strengths/insights will you bring to the Board discussions?

I have been told numerous times that I am a good listener.  I use what I’ve been told to build a positive atmosphere and hope to strengthen and improve outcomes.  I hope to add to the diversity of the Board’s discussions and create a better environment  for all those involved.

What issues do you feel the Association should be addressing?

The Association should continue its efforts to increase involvement (RPAC, Education, Local Charities, etc.).  Additionally, we need to work towards developing more public awareness of our profession.  Lastly, I feel the organization should strengthen the commercial and residential communication and interactions.

Why are you interested in serving as a member of the Board of Directors?

I have always enjoyed being involved and learning new ideas.  I feel I can contribute with past experiences to help move our Association forward.  I look forward to the opportunity.