Jill Goldman

Keller Williams Realty, Kennett Square

12 Years Active in Real Estate

What was your career prior to real estate, if applicable?

Prior to real estate, I was a licensed Pennsylvania Attorney practicing insurance defense litigation from 1987 to 2007.

What type of leadership roles have you held outside of real estate? 

I am the current President of the Hamorton Woods Homeowners’ Association. I have also served in many additional roles, including:

As a voice for your colleagues, what strengths/insights will you bring to the Board discussions?

My experience as a team leader on a top producing team, and my recent experience as a managing broker, will allow me to speak from real life experience about the challenges facing our industry – professional ethics, retention, and support for managers and brokers in providing the kind of training and supervision necessary to achieve results in these areas. I am particularly interested in exploring the role of the broker in promoting business development and professional ethics as equal priorities.

What issues do you feel the Association should be addressing?

I hope the Board will continue to create opportunities for dialogue, and incentives for industry professionals, to share ideas about how to make the real estate profession a place for greater longevity. The statistic that more than 50% of newly licensed agents leave the industry after two years is a blight on recruiting and a barrier to retention. I would like to see the Board spearhead mastermind sessions between various professionals in the industry to determine how to retain and develop agents over the long haul as such an endeavor would provide greater financial stability overall and would make real estate a more attractive destination career. We need to attract millennials into the profession and be able to retain them so that we can build a future generation of leaders and top producers. I believe one of the greatest hurdles to retention is the lack of new agent training centered on prospecting and lead generation in ethical and appropriate ways. I believe the Board has a significant role in offering training to managers and their agents to promote greater success in these areas and I look forward to having a role in that regard.

Why are you interested in serving as a member of the Board of Directors?  

I hope to contribute a fresh perspective to a venerable organization while simultaneously promoting the great programs and initiatives already under way at the Board. Recent Board members have set a high bar and I look forward to the opportunity to learn from those who have already served to increase my ability to make a difference in our profession.