Ken Enochs, ABR, Green

Compass Main Line, Ardmore

22 Years Active in Real Estate

What was your career prior to real estate, if applicable?

Real estate has been my primary career. I worked for an independent nationwide relocation company based in West Chester, PA. prior to getting licensed in 1998.

What type of leadership roles have you held outside of real estate? 

Since I went into real estate right after college, I don’t have many leadership roles outside real estate. I do have many leadership roles within real estate. While I was in college I managed and help run a live music surf bar in Southern California. I was also responsible to schedule the weekly entertainment and musicians some of which were famous bands that are still around today. I had to market and promote these shows to generate revenue. It was a wonderful and fun experience that helped shaped me.

As a voice for your colleagues, what strengths/insights will you bring to the Board discussions?

I believe my biggest strength as a leader is my ability to listen and discern what is essential to the long- term growth and sustainability of an organization. I have high expectations of myself and those around me. I feel it is critical to listen, support and encourage our members to get educated and involved.

What issues do you feel the Association should be addressing?

I believe the Association needs to continue to anticipate the needs of its’ members and create value through education, training and technology.

Why are you interested in serving as a member of the first Board of Directors of Tri-County Suburban REALTORS®?  

As the immediate past chairman and member of the joint collaboration team, I would be honored to serve on the first board of directors to ensure a smooth and successful transition.