Arica Miller

EXP Realty, King of Prussia

4 Years of REALTOR® Membership

Please expand on your previous leadership experience

Throughout my career, I have gained valuable leadership experience in various capacities. As the owner of a mortgage brokerage with over 20 agents, I have dedicated the past 15 years to developing my team and creating a supportive and collaborative culture. Additionally, I have actively participated in the mortgage industry for 18 years, serving on boards and committees to stay up-to-date on trends and contribute to its growth. In addition to my mortgage industry involvement, I held a leadership position in a business networking group, BNI, for over four years. As a vice president, I was responsible for expanding membership and facilitating productive networking opportunities. This role allowed me to further develop my leadership, communication, and organizational skills, creating an engaging environment for professionals from diverse backgrounds to connect and collaborate. Overall, my leadership experiences span both the mortgage industry and business networking groups, enabling me to bring a diverse skill set to any leadership role. With a track record of fostering collaboration, staying current in my industry, and actively contributing to organizational growth, I am confident in my ability to make a positive impact and drive meaningful change.

What role do you hope to play on the Board?

I hope to play a pivotal role that my knowledge, experience, diverse perspective, and passion for education as well as voting role. One of my primary objectives would be to engage with and educate members who may not always have the opportunity to attend local board events or business meetings in Harrisburg, and would work towards fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional development within the organization. Through attending workshops, training sessions, being involved in the mentorship program. I aim to empower members with the tools and knowledge necessary to thrive in the real estate industry. My diverse perspective would allow me to bring innovative and inclusive approaches to these educational initiatives, ensuring that all members feel valued and supported in their growth.

What Association benefits and/or offerings have provided you the most value in your business?

Firstly, the educational resources and classes offered by the association have been invaluable to my professional development. Gratefully I’m now enrolled in the leadership development program, in particular, has been instrumental in enhancing my leadership skills and knowledge. The networking opportunities provided by the association have proven to be highly valuable. Connecting with fellow professionals and industry leaders has not only expanded my professional network but has also opened doors for potential collaborations, referrals, and new business opportunities. The association’s events and gatherings have facilitated meaningful connections and allowed me to stay updated on industry trends and insights.

What industry trends do you feel will affect our association in the upcoming years?

The real estate industry is experiencing rapid technological advancements that are transforming how we conduct business. Embracing technology, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality. I believe our association is ahead of the pack in many ways. The demographic makeup of homebuyers and sellers is evolving, with millennials becoming a dominant force in the market, along with an increasingly diverse population. It is essential for our association to recognize and adapt to the needs and preferences of these changing demographics

What do you think should be the priority issues being addressed by the Association today?

Professional Development and Education: The Association should prioritize providing robust professional development opportunities and educational resources to its members. By prioritizing professional development, the Association empowers us to deliver exceptional service and stay ahead in a competitive market.

Why are you interested in serving on the Board of Directors?

I am interested in being considered as a Director nominee because I am passionate about making a meaningful contribution to the Association and the real estate industry as a whole. I strongly believe in the importance of effective leadership and the impact it can have on driving positive change and growth within an organization.