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Eric Rehling

RE/MAX Ready, Conshohocken

20 Years Active in Real Estate

Please expand on your previous leadership experience

What role do you hope to play on the Board?

I hope to continue to be the liaison between the Finance committee and Tri-County’s Board. In addition, I am looking forward to the opportunity to facilitate the strategic planning task force. As a board member, I believe this role and exercise will help us build upon our strategic roadmap and help ensure our 3-year-old association can flourish!

What Association benefits and/or offerings have provided you the most value in your business?

Forewarn and DocuSign have been outstanding tangible benefits for my business. I also appreciate the excellent school and in-person events we have access to. We are very fortunate to have such an amazing group of folks that work tirelessly to ensure our school offers a robust menu of classes. This provides us the opportunity to continue to build our knowledge bank all while supporting our Association. Lastly, having the opportunity to engage with other members at our many in-person and virtual events is invaluable.

What industry trends do you feel will affect our association in the upcoming years?

I feel the increased interest rate environment will tamp down our historic run which will cause less units to be sold and ultimately, for the association, less new member applications. I also believe we will begin to see a trend away from sellers paying buyer agent commissions.

What do you think should be the priority issues being addressed by the Association today?

Review and execution of the original transition plan including the review of satellite offices or other strategic options to create more touch points throughout the footprint. Obviously, it takes time for newly merged organization to gain its footing throughout the marketplace. that said, I think we have a huge opportunity to increase brand awareness and value add throughout all areas within the footprint via classes, events, meetings, etc.

Why are you interested in serving on the Board of Directors?

It has been a true honor to be on the initial board for Tri-County. I am interested to continue to serve as I feel there is more I can positively contribute to this great organization. Selfishly, the more I serve, the more learn, and I love learning and growing as an individual. I believe I can help us continue to build an inclusive culture that expands throughout our 3-county region and appreciate this opportunity!