A Deeper Understanding of FHA and VA Loan Programs | Virtual Livestream Via Zoom


The goal of this course is to bring awareness to the dynamics of FHA and VA loan programs. This should help remind agents of their value and what to be mindful of as these programs become more relevant in our market again. We will cover topics like why these programs exist, buyer qualifications, Pros & Cons, what appraisers look for in the home, Primary and Multi-Family housing requirements, Private Mortgage Insurance and Funding Fees, approved Condominium Lists, helpful online resources and more!

The real estate market has been in a “Highest and Best” mentally the past two years, and it’s time to take a deeper look into how these programs differ from the standard Conventional program. Knowledge fights fear, and those that understand these programs well will have another tool in their belt to serve their clients best!


April 17th; 6:00pm-9:30pm EVENING


Held Virtually Via Zoom

Please note: the student’s camera must be on, and the student must be in front of the camera for the duration of the class, in order to receive continuing education credit.


$45.00 (FREE for MCE Season Pass holders)


3.5 hours 2022-2024 PA License Renewal


DJ Sutera


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