Graduates from our previous seven sessions praise the program. They indicate they have moved forward in their business and in roles both professional AND personal.

Marilyn Clark: The Leadership Development Program was an invaluable tool for my career. It was an honor to have been selected to participate in the program. The Association, its staff and Presenters were extremely knowledgeable and offered tremendous insight on my strengths as a Leader. It provided guidance which enhanced my contributions as a Real Estate Professional in the communities at which I serve.

Shannon Diiorio: Attending the Leadership Development program provided me with a launchpad to not only get more involved with the association in very fulfilling ways, but also to further my education in leadership skills as well as personal development. Some of the benefits have been new business opportunities, great friendships, a bigger network, recognition among my peers and a better understanding of the overall benefits of the association. 

Steffi Freedman: “The Leadership Development Program was a profound experience – both professionally and personally. The syllabus was well thought out and taught by engaging and knowledgeable instructors. I felt incredibly empowered after going through the sessions with colleagues across the region. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in understanding your “why” and putting it to good use in the real estate industry and beyond.”

Jennifer Neff: The Leadership Development Program is an amazing opportunity to learn more about yourself as a business-person and to tap into and maximize the leadership qualities you have or want to develop.  To do so in an intimate environment with fellow agents and fantastic teachers is an experience not to be missed.  It’s exciting to see where these interactions take you, both in your professional and personal life!

Andrew Wetzel: I participated in the 2017 Leadership Development Program and found the program both enjoyable and informative.  I entered Real Estate in 1996 and had served in several positions within the state and local associations as well as what was then Trend MLS so I was not focused on future leadership opportunities.  Instead, I was simply looking for the education and was not disappointed … I encourage anyone serious about the topics included in the program to make the investment in themselves.  The experience and information go well beyond  being “career oriented.”