Lou Muscella

Realty One Group Restore, Collegeville

27 Years of REALTOR® Membership

Please expand on your previous leadership experience

I have been a REALTOR® since 1996. I ran my real estate business from 1996 to 2014. In 2014, I took a position as VP of Sales in the Conshohocken office of Coldwell Banker Preferred. I oversaw daily operations, and managed the sales of 70-80 agents. In 2018, with my business partner, we opened Realty ONE Group Restore. We have 3 offices in Montgomery County. I now oversee 130 + agents, along with the transaction management & the financial management of the company. I have been a REALTOR® for 27 years. Through that time I have served at the local level and now state level as a 2023 PAR Director. My interest truly lies in giving back to the industry that has given me so much over the years. I am a student of real estate and hold professionalism, customer experience, and integrity high on my list of values. I am a major investor in RPAC. My knowledge, experience, relationships, reputation, and desire to grow will serve TCSR, and its membership very well.

What role do you hope to play on the Board?

I have always thought of myself as a very collaborative person. I thrive in environments where I’m surrounded by like minded, goal oriented individuals. I like to share ideas, learn from others, teach others, and I gain a large sense of satisfaction when my teams work together and achieve our goals. I hope to be an integral member of a team that’s goal is to win a championship. Teams don’t win by the efforts of one, they win through the collaboration, ideas, and hard work of those with different skill sets, different backgrounds, and different ideas. A goal oriented, and diverse thinking team can make big changes, and impact many.

What Association benefits and/or offerings have provided you the most value in your business?

I am mostly drawn to education and have found that learning and education has impacted my business more than anything else. The local association school & educational platforms, networking opportunities through TCSR, and the previous MCAR, PAR Just Listed, the PAR Monthly Webinar Series provided to us through membership have helped me grow as a REALTOR®, and in my business. In addition to these, involvement in committees such as Grievance & Professional Standards, along with going through TCSR’s Leadership Development Program have provided me with a ton of value in my life & business. On the technology side, another member benefit I do use frequently is FOREWARN.

What industry trends do you feel will affect our association in the upcoming years?

There are many trends we are seeing right now that have the ability to impact our industry, association, and membership in the coming years. I believe the two that could have the most significant impact, and we’re already seeing it, are the growing use of AI, and the at home workforce. The ability to learn from an inflow of data is promising to help agents become more efficient and effective, brokers more strategic, and clients ultimately empowered to experience the buying and selling process with much less uncertainty. The at home work force trends are not only dramatically affecting our commercial real estate, but impacting our residential real estate as well. Commercial space, especially office is becoming much less valuable and utilized, and because of the at home environment, residential real estate is being affected by less relocation for jobs, more improvements to existing space, rather than upgrading and relocating to larger space, affecting our inventory levels which are at an all time low since the pandemic. The realization of commercial space to residential space is something that I believe will become a trend that we will see more prevalent in the coming years.

What do you think should be the priority issues being addressed by the Association today?

The real estate world is constantly changing, and we as an association need to be aware of what is happening in our industry. Boots on the ground and in the thick of what membership is dealing with in their businesses daily is crucial. In this area, I believe a focus on the challenges to the residential real estate commission system are a huge problem that we all need to be more aware of, and not just shake off. It’s real what is happening, and our buyers agents’ commissions are at risk. This would be a huge shift in the way things are done and a big shake to our commission system. In addition to this, there is a shift in our appraisal system as well. We’ve had two major changes in the appraisal industry with the guidelines for square footage changing, along with the now use of the hybrid appraisal process. There are challenges in this industry that if not addressed sooner than later will impact our membership and the flow of their business. From an association level, I believe that awareness to DE&I across the board, and a focus on creating a diverse field in the leadership arena needs to stay at a high level, along with the always pressing issue of member engagement. There is huge value to our local, state, and national association, and a continued focus on this for me is a top priority. I believe we are making huge strides, but in all honesty it starts at the broker/company /agent level.

Why are you interested in serving on the Board of Directors?

In short, I have been a lifetime REALTOR®. I entered the real estate industry after graduating from Penn State, and it has been my life’s work. I’ve been a REALTOR® for 27 years. I am a student of this industry, and I’m very thankful for what it has given me in my career. I am, and have been involved in many leadership roles over the years, and I have a desire to continue growing and giving back to the industry that has given me so much. I see a great opportunity for me to bring my leadership, my experience, my skill set, and my knowledge to our association in hopes to make an impactful difference in our industry, to our association, and to our membership.