Better Together. Tri-County Suburban REALTORS®.

When you set your sights on being the best, Suburban West is your source for education, technology and industry information.  The organization provides high-touch services to improve your productivity and lower your risk:

Unmatched Education

No matter what stage of your career, REALTORS® need the latest knowledge to best serve their clients and to provide immediate professional impact. As the premier education provider in the Delaware Valley, the Suburban West REALTORS® Association schedules hundreds of hours of education to meet those needs.

Essential Technology Offerings

Tri-County Suburban REALTORS® is committed to ensuring that technology is a key component of what is provided now and in the future. From enhancing how you communicate with clients to effectively organizing your transaction documents to accessing indispensable data, Tri-County Suburban REALTORS® members receive exclusive tools to effectively meet your clients’ expectations and to efficiently manage your business.

Easy Access to Experts and Resources with Answers

Tri-County Suburban REALTORS®, in conjunction with the Suburban REALTORS® Alliance and the Pennsylvania Association of REALTORS®, have the staff and resources available to ensure that you are performing your work in the most professional, legal and ethical manner. From licensing to standard forms to ethics to municipal compliance, you have a partner that can help you navigate these sometimes tricky aspects of the business.

Click here for a booklet that further details the benefits and services of Tri-County Suburban REALTORS® membership.  For questions on member benefits, please contact Mike Carlin at or call 610-560-4800.


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