Patty Desjadon

Coldwell Banker Preferred, Wayne

14 Years Active in Real Estate


What was your career prior to real estate, if applicable?

Real estate has been my only career.

What type of leadership roles have you held outside of real estate? 

I have not held any leadership roles outside of real estate.

As a voice for your colleagues, what strengths/insights will you bring to the Board discussions?

I would welcome being a voice for my colleagues. I feel we need to have a more representative voice from the overall general population of REALTORS® on the board. As a board we should strive  to create new ways that we can assist all REALTORS® in growing their businesses and we need to provide the latest tools that are available for them so that each and every transaction can go smoothly. I wish to energize my fellow REALTORS® to be engaged in a discussion with me as to what issues they would like me to bring to the Board’s attention for discussion. I would like to be their voice. I feel that I would work well as a liaison between my fellow REALTORS® and the Association to increase professionalism across the board so that all REALTORS® would work together cooperatively in order to assure that each and every client’s needs are met in the spirit of cooperation. I believe that by raising the level of professionalism in our daily business with each other we will all increase our business and raise the standards that clients perceive us by. I have strong communication skills and make it my point to be a good listener for those that have a message they would like to convey.

What issues do you feel the Association should be addressing?

I feel the association should be addressing whatever the members feel are of utmost important to them at any given moment. I would like to see more in-depth training for those that want it so that the Association can make sure that it is providing our members with all of the very latest tools that can help them grow their business. I think the general population needs a spokesperson that they can call to bring up issues that are of concern to them and trust that that person will relay those issues adequately and respond back to them in a timely manner thus making all REALTORS® feel their issues are being addressed. I feel strongly that I would be a great candidate to be that person.

Why are you interested in serving as a member of the Board of Directors?

I am interested in serving as a member of the Board of Directors so that I can roll up my sleeves and be a very active part in any changes that will make our industry grow, be more professional and assist us to work together in more of a spirit of Team and Family rather than us working against one another, which will ultimately increase our volume. Together as a whole, we can elevate the public perception of “REALTOR®“- I know we can!