Did you know that the Housing Equality Center of Pennsylvania provides over 20 resource pages on fair housing related topics from Assistance Animals to Zoning and Land Use; from National Origin Discrimination to Occupancy and Families with Children; and many more? These pages, many with downloadable fact sheets, serve to help consumers and housing professionals understand and comply with their fair housing laws.

The Tri-County Suburban REALTORS® Diversity and Inclusion team encourages REALTORS® to share this information with clients, customers, housing providers, and other REALTORS® as often as possible to ensure more people know their rights and responsibilities in fair housing.

Share them in buyer, seller, landlord and tenant packets; in your newsletters; at office meetings; and more. Share them pro-actively to help more people learn more and do better. Share them in response to a potential crisis to empower FAIR housing outcomes.

Click here to play the recording of our “Let’s Make Un-Fair Housing History” webinar!

Visit the PA Housing Equality Center’s YouTube channel to view short, animated videos about Fair Housing in English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese.