As an listing agent, do you want to provide the most secure system of access to your listing, short of meeting every buyer client and agent at the property?  If the answer is yes, then the Supra Electronic Lockbox system is a vital tool for your business.


A special electronic key and a valid PIN number are required for iBox access. Only REALTOR® Association members are able to show a home and each entry is documented in the box and in a database.

Security and Privacy

The iBox records the agent’s identity, office, phone number and time the iBox is opened. To assure your privacy, the iBox offers an option to limit showing hours.

Showing By Appointment Only

You or your client may require all showings to be pre-scheduled through you (as the listing agent) or to be accompanied. The iBox can be restricted with an additional code known only to the listing agent allowing keys to be kept at their safest location (your home) while still maintaining listing agent control.

Benefiting Your Client

Knowing your lockboxes are smart and secure puts your clients at ease. The iBox is easily accessible to authorized agents, even in the worst weather, yet the solid construction is very resistant to attack. The Supra® Electronic Lockbox system is only available through REALTOR® associations like Tri-County Suburban.